On Hiatus

A Harem of Dusky Beauties is on hiatus, at least in so far as the concept of a ‘hiatus’ holds meaning for a website that has updated sixteen times in three years.

It will return of course. Over the past half-decade, I have spent time in all the best houses in Havana except for one. The finest mansion of them all stands at the top of the hill, and every night as I pass I see the fine brown faces of twenty or so dusky beauties peering from its lighted windows. Each one is more beautiful than the last, but whenever I lock eyes with them, I sense a deep longing. They are hungry for the flame. The name etched in iron about that house’s gate? COHIBA.

For the time being though, they must wait. The road is long, the night is cold, and I have places to be and promises to keep. Fret not though, my friends. Before you know it, the bright summer sun shall find me reclined in a pleasure boat, idling on a millpond with one such beauty. “My love, won’t you take the till a moment?” I shall say. “I just need to light a little smoke.”

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Until we meet again, old chums, may all your smoke rings be round.

A.T. Groom
May 2019

Dusky Beauties is on hiatus.

2 Thoughts.

    • Fair enough, Tom.

      Before I start a new season I like to have six or seven posts more or less ready to go to relieve the pressure of a weekly schedule. I’ve been trying to do this since about September, but am nowhere close. I have no excuses. I’m not at all busy. The weather has been very nice. It is entirely the fault of sloth on my part.

      I’ve just posted one, and will try and keep them coming fairly regularly.

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